7th Annual Plexon Neurophysiology and Behavior Workshop

This workshop is now closed

Thank you to everyone that attended and made this workshop such a success.  See what researchers had to say about our 2016 Workshop below! 

"I suggest all researchers interested in using the Plexon electrophysiological recording and behavioral systems attend the workshop to become experts in a wide array of sophisticated applications, which will lead to better scientific experiments in their own laboratories."

"I thought the workshop was fantastic.  I'm not sure how the workshop could be better"

"We are in transition from in vitro to in vivo neurophysiology, as a beginner, the workshop was highly informatitve and I got a complete understanding of OmniPlex and CinePlex usage.  Also, the NeuroExplorer and Offline Sorter sessions strenghten our knowledge and usage of the complete Plexon system."

"For me, who has been using Plexon products for a while now, the workshop was very useful to improve our efficiency, learn about new features and have time for detailed on-to-one discusssions with the software developers, who actually really cared about our needs and were very open to requests throughout the workshop.  The large number of PCs, hardware and Plexon Staff were highly beneficial for the direct hands-on experience and to address all possible questions."

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Topics Covered
The Workshop format couples researchers from well-respected labs sharing their techniques with formal exercise-based instruction led by Plexon’s technical personnel.

Workshop registration included the following

Same great pricing for four years in a row. Early registration refers to registration and payment received by March 21, 2016.

*A system is defined as an OmniPlex (any channel count), CinePlex, CineLAB or PlexBright (with a 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller with Radiant™ software) system purchase.

Hotel charges are additional to the workshop. 

Questions may be directed to workshop@plexon.com, or we can be reached at +1 (214) 369-4957.

2016 Plexon Workshop Flyer