Plexon Newsletters

Plexon is constantly developing new technology, advancing software development, and supporting the neuroscience community around the world. We know how difficult it can be to keep up with all of the activity, so Plexon authors a short newsletter to summarize these updates. The highlights can be viewed below.


Highlights from "Strong finish for 2015, OmniPlex Data Sources, Workshop Registration Open, and More!"

Highlights from "Happy Holidays, Exporting from OFS to MATLAB, 2016 Worskshop and More!"

Highlights from "NeuroExplorer 5.022 with Python, nanoZ, Holiday Order Deadlines and MORE!"

Highlights from "Raffle Winners, New Opto Cable Wrap, OFS Sorting Tricks and More!"

Highlights from "Neuroscience Suprises - CineLAB/Touch Screen Chamber Integration, OmniPlex V1.14 for Audio Data, Double DIs, Quadruple Waveform Length!"

Highlights from "Neuroscience 2015, Mobile App, Digital Headstage Commutator, Lime LED, PC Security and More!"

Highlights from "3D Tracking in the EU, Plexon & Windows 10, Tech Titans Winners, STEM Education and More!"

Highlights from "NeuroExplorer 5.017, 120 Chinese Researchers, 2016 Workshop Dates, Dura Penetration with Probes and More!"

Highlights from "China Workshop, NIH Funding, Free PlexStim Upgrade, OFS Native Loaders & More"

Highlights from "Workshop Scores 9.7, PlexStim v2.3, Free PlexStim Upgrades, and More"

Highlights from "OFS V4 is Here, OFS Special Offers, OFS User Guide and More"

Highlights from "New OFS V4, Workshop Early Registration Deadline, 75% Sold Out"

Highlights from "OmniPlex 1.13 Released, Workshop Speakers Announced, New Headstage and More!"

Highlights from"Plexon Grew 30%, A New Lab Every 2 Days, Workshop Registration, OFS and More"