Plexon Products

Whether you are new to Plexon or an old friend, we configured the product section of this website to be exceptionally easy to navigate. There are several pathways to access information.  One extreme is to start as broad as Research Solutions, offering a high level explanation for our family of products tailored to serve that discipline of research.  At the other end of the spectrum, you may directly access a specific product page through Products by Name. 

Research Solutions

Plexon's complete, robust solutions address many aspects of the most challenging areas in neuroscience research. Moreover, they have evolved over decades to provide the most optimized equipment and infrastructure. This is the place to start if you seek to understand the broad offering Plexon has for your lab based on your research focus.


At the epicenter of Plexon’s Solutions for neuroscience exists a powerful data acquisition, behavioral research or stimulation system - OmniPlex® DCinePlex®, PlexBright®, PlexStim™, MAP. If interested in learning about Plexon’s primary systems, begin here.


Plexon is well known within the industry for its sophisticated software. Within this section, you will find installation packages, new upgrades, demonstration files and documentation for all of Plexon’s systems, as well as stand-alone packages including Offline Sorter™ and NeuroExplorer®.


Plexon offers a wide variety of accessory products for neurological research. Access this part of the website to explore items such as adaptors, headstages, commutators, connectors, headstage tester units and more.


A suite of customizable specialty electrodes, probes and arrays for various research needs can be found in this area, which includes the new V-Probe and popular U-Probe, Thumbtack Probe, Floating Microelectrode Arrays (FMAs), Microwire Arrays (MWAs) and the Brain Slice Probe that was created uniquely for in vitro applications.

Products by Name

Another way you may access product information is directly by the product's name via this page.