Behavioral Research Solution for Electrophysiology

Plexon's state-of-the-art Behavioral Research Solution for Electrophysiology offers the industry's most advanced approach to digital video recording, tracking, and analysis of freely moving animals in behavioral experiments combined with neural recording. It uniquely offers accurate time stamp synchronization with Plexon's flagship OmniPlex® D Neural Data Acquisition System. The CinePlex® Behavioral Research System forms the essential core of this solution.

Primary System
The CinePlex System can be configured with the following primary and optional components:

The CinePlex System is fully integrated with Plexon's OmniPlex Systems or MAP System for synchronized data and expanded functionality, or it can operate as a stand-alone system. It is also possible to integrate the CinePlex System with a selected third-party data acquisition system.

Compatible Products
For maximum benefit, your research may be enhanced by leveraging the integration between the CinePlex System and the following elements of the Original In Vivo Neurophysiology Solution(s) and our Optogenetic Stimulation Solution:

Whether you are performing sophisticated, multi-subject, 3D primate research or a single rodent, 2D study, Plexon's Behavioral Research Solution offers fully integrated, state-of-the-art technology on which to trust your experiments. 

Why choose Plexon's Behavioral Research Solution for Electrophysiology?
There are many reasons to select Plexon's Behavioral Research Solution to support your research. Here are a few to consider:

For more information or to discuss your specific research needs, contact your Plexon Sales Engineer.