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CineLAB® 4.1 Windows 7

Plexon's CineLAB® Video Tracking Software covers a wide range of behavioral research needs.  
Record freely-moving subjects from up to four cameras simultaneously and quickly compare groups on a variety of metrics including: speed, distance traveled, and presence or absence in particular locations within a larger arena.
Furthermore, positional data can be used to control external devices with a custom digital input/output device from Plexon.
**CineLAB v4.1 is now available and offers enhanced statistical comparisons, more options for quickly analyzing the same data with multiple settings, and flexible modifications of arena settings on a per-session basis! Click here to learn more about these new features.**
Benefitting from more than a decade of development and experience, the CineLAB Behavior Tracking and Analysis System offers possibly the most accurate and reliable video tracking in the industry, accompanied by an easy to use graphical user interface.  Furthermore, the sales and support team at Plexon is more than happy to help guide you through setting up your system to suit your experimental needs.
The CineLAB Software can be purchased as a single camera or multi-camera license and is bundled with up to four camera kits.  Add-ons include a digital input/output device for triggering external devices.  All software upgrades within a version are free of charge and will be bundled into a single CineLAB upgrade package accessible online upon release.
Plexon Sales Engineer is available to provide additional information and to assist you in determining how the CineLAB System could improve efficiency, save time, and minimize human error in recording animal behavior.