CineLAB Behavioral Research Systems

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CineLAB® 4.1 Windows 7

CineLAB® Behavioral Research System is Plexon’s new comprehensive approach to digital video recording, position tracking, and behavioral analysis for freely moving animal experiments in a range of settings. Plexon has now leveraged the sophisticated tracking algorithms from the CinePlex® System that serves electrophysiology needs into a new product tailored for behavioral research. Introducing the NEW CineLAB Behavioral Research System with CineCorder®, CineTracker® and CineLyzer® software module options.



**CineLAB v4.1 is now available and offers enhanced statistical comparisons, more options for quickly analyzing the same data with multiple settings, and flexible modifications of arena settings on a per-session basis! Click here to learn more about these new features.**


The CineLAB Behavioral Research System for video tracking and analysis of freely-moving subjects is designed to meet a variety of research needs. We offer a modular approach so you only buy those features currently needed for your research, and can add on additional modules as needed.  The base module is bundled with economical camera options, a digital input/output device, and a fully-optimized computer at a very competitive price. Furthermore, the comprehensive database makes data collection and analysis a breeze, offering organization of multiple trials within an experiment and customizable trial-specific descriptions for subject identification and variable entry.  The features of the specific CineCorder, CineTracker, and CineLyzer modules include:

  • CineCorder – the basic CineLAB module. Purchased together with a custom-optimized computer running Windows 7, USB camera, and digital input/output device.  Ideal for labs only requiring the ability to record animal activity over a continuous or segmented period of time within a database containing experimental notes and variables.  Choose from color or infrared cameras for optimized recording during daylight or under near-IR conditions.  Ability to start/stop recording both manually and with external devices.  Features frame-by-frame playback and timestamps.  Integrates with Lafayette operant chambers for synchronized recording during behavioral trials.
  • CineTracker – this add-on module offers the ability to perform tracking via three methods: whole body (contour), LED, and colored marker (up to 5 different colors). Researchers will also be able to define an arena and calibrate for accurate distance measurements, and generate an expanded output file containing valuable location, speed, and path of movement visualizations, including track lengths.  Arenas can be drawn and modified to virtually any shape for a variety of apparatuses (e.g., Elevated plus maze, water maze, T-maze), even post-recording!  No need to spend valuable time re-tracking videos with new settings. Data exported as a .csv file for further analysis in Excel or other statistical analysis programs.
  • CineLyzer – extends the functionality of the CineCorder and CineTracker modules with the enhanced color marker tracking (up to 12 colors), and ability to define zones and/or zone sequences within the arena.  Use zones for tracking in specific locations, on or around objects, or specific paths of movement through the arena for sophisticated behavioral paradigms.  Like the arenas, zones can be defined either pre or post-recording for maximal flexibility!  CineLyzer also includes additional data outputs such as speed in zones, total time spent inside zones, and zone entries.  Furthermore, zone and sequence entries can be used to turn on/off external devices (e.g., pellet dispensers or LEDs) for a wide range of behavioral paradigms including: watermaze tracking, conditioning experiments, operant tasks, elevated plus maze, or place preference assays.

Regardless of your research, Plexon likely has a highly effective video tacking and analysis solution for video tracking and analysis needs. A Plexon Sales Engineer is available to provide additional information and to assist you in determining what CineLAB System configuration could best support your research most cost effectively.