Plexon offers a variety of analog and digital headstages for various acute or chronic research needs that are suitable for both large and small animals. Headstages are available in various pitch, pin and channel counts. Additionally, headstages with 0.050 pitch input connectors can be modified to include latching mechanisms for a more secure connection, and most can be mounted with light emitting diodes (LEDs) to track movement.

**Learn about NEW 8o25 GEN2 headstages, NEW multiplexing, digital headstages and NEW biopotential headstages for PNS, EEG, EKG, EMG recordings.**

Headstages for High-Impedance Electrodes
Plexon's headstages for high-impedance electrodes are designed to record spikes and field potentials from high impedance electrodes. They are available in 0.050” or 0.025” pitch, gains of 1x of 20x, from 8 channels and above, with a grounded or true reference, some with latching capability, and all with the LED option.

Most recently we launched our newest headstage products for this category: 16 and 32 channel digital headstages for use with the OmniPlex® D DHP subsystem. The headstages themselves are light weight, while the corresponding headstage cables are both lighter weight than their analog counterparts and contain fewer wires. The result is greater freedom of animal movement.

Headstages for Low-Impedance Electrodes
Plexon's headstages for low-impedance electrodes are designed for evoked potentials, EMG recordings using needle electrodes, surface electrodes, and electrode caps. These are available with Omnetics 0.050” pitch or Harwin connectors, a 20x, 4 or 12 channels, a grounded reference and some offer latching capability.

The newest additions to this category are the biopotential headstages. One has been designed for peripheral nerve system (PNS) recording incorporating a 50x gain. The second is geared towards EEG, EKG and EMG recordings and offers a 10x gain.

Latching Option
More active animals may require an especially secure connection between the electrode implant and the headstage.  Certain headstages are available with a special clipping (latching) mechanism that delivers this additional security. 

The headstage shown is a 0.050” pitch, 8 channel headstage with the latching option (HST/8o50-G1-GR-L).

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Option
Most Plexon headstages can be equipped with mounted LEDs for use in behavioral analysis research with systems such as Plexon's CinePlex®  Behavioral Research System. LEDs are available in three colors: blue, green and red. One of each color is provided with the headstage when the LED option is purchased.

The headstage shown is a 0.025” pitch, 32 channel headstage with 2 LEDs (HST/32o25-36P-2LED)