NEW Behavioral Research Solution

Introducing Plexon's NEW video tracking system for monitoring animal behavior. CineLAB® software combines the superior tracking algorithms from the CinePlex® System with database management and behavioral analysis tools. CineLAB® is flexibly adaptable to virtually any experimental setup including: 
**CineLAB v4.1 is now available and offers enhanced statistical comparisons, more options for quickly analyzing the same data with multiple settings, and flexible modifications of arena settings on a per-session basis! Click here to learn more about these new features.**

Product Overview
The NEW CineLAB® system offers economical camera options, simultaneous tracking of multiple subjects, and a comprehensive experiment database system with customizable entry for experiment comments and trial-specific variables.  Additional features include tracking in experimenter-defined arenas, the ability to define multiple customized zones or zone sequences within an arena, and use digital inputs and outputs for integrating video tracking with many different external hardware and software devices.  Available in economical single-camera or mutli-camera packages.

Compatible Products

For maximum benefit, your research may be enhanced by leveraging the integration between the above CineLAB Systems and the following:

Why choose Plexon's Behavioral Research Solution?

There are many reasons to select Plexon's Behavioral Research Solution to support your research. Here are a few to consider:
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