PBX Preamplifier

Plexon's PBX Preamplifier can operate either as an important component of the Multichannel Acquisition Processor (MAP) Neurophysiology System, or as a stand-alone hardware component for use with third party data acquisition systems.

The PBX Preamplifier (PBX) includes spike boards for isolating the spike action potential signals, field potential boards for isolating the low-frequency field potential signals, and wide-band boards.  These boards are designed to process the signals from depth electrodes in the brain or peripheral nervous system, or from EMG signals.

The preamplifier is scalable from 16 to 128 channels. It offers both fixed reference and software-programmable reference selection, and low noise for improved SNR recordings.  Depending on the gain in the headstage (typically 1x or 20x), the PBX will be configured such that the overall fixed gain is 1000x (e.g. 1x in headstage and 1000x in preamp, or 20x in headstage and 50x in preamp).

Plexon PBX Preamplifiers have excellent common mode rejection capability of both fixed reference electrodes and up to five recording electrodes selected within software to be used as reference electrodes. The programmable referencing feature on the PBX is selected within the RASPUTIN suite of control programs for the MAP System.

Analog Programmable Referencing is a particularly valuable feature for recordings from freely moving animals. Artifacts caused by sudden movements, chewing, grooming, etc., can be effectively eliminated by selecting a recording electrode with artifacts (but no spike signals) to be the reference electrode for a subset of other electrodes nearby. In this way, the common artifact signal on both the reference and recording electrode is removed in analog circuitry before A/D conversion.

The PBX can be purchased and operated as a stand-alone hardware component for use with third party data acquisition systems.  It is also a standard component of the MAP System.  A Plexon Sales Engineer is available to provide additional information and to answer your questions.