PlexBright 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller with Radiant v2

The PlexBright® 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller with the new Radiant™ v2 is the most advanced of two Plexon products to drive and control optogenetic stimulation. It is a sophisticated, software-driven, pattern generating controller with multiple digital inputs and outputs that can operate LEDs and lasers – even simultaneously!

The PlexBright 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller controlled by Radiant Software is one of the cornerstones of the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System (PlexBright System). The newest version of Radiant, version 2 was released at the start of 2014 and offers unsurpassed control of LEDs or lasers over multiple channels.

Through Radiant’s easy-to-use GUI, each 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller starts, drives and stops up to four channels independently from the most basic signals to the generation of sophisticated output patterns. Further, one channel may drive an LED module, while a second channel drives a laser.

Each channel/output may be configured to deliver up to 1100mA of precision-controlled current to one or two PlexBright LED Modules. Alternatively, outputs may be configured to deliver up to a 5V signal, enabling simultaneous control of both LED modules and lasers. The 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller further enables interaction with third party equipment through eight digital inputs and 16 digital outputs.

Radiant v2's pattern generation functionality allows researchers to quickly define simple to complex output patterns that may be saved and played back repeatedly. Arbitrary stimulation patterns can also be loaded from user defined text files, or the outputs can be controlled directly by the user in manual mode. Patterns can also be generated in an offline mode for use at a later time.

With respect to LEDs – and like the PlexBright LD-1 Single Channel LED Driver – each output of the 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller is capable of controlling one or two LED modules. When two modules share a single output simultaneously (accomplished via a specialized cable that connects the LED Modules in series called a PlexBright Series-Y BNC cable), each module receives the same control signal. This configuration is particularly applicable to bilateral stimulation experiments.

For higher volume research experiments, Radiant enables the integration of up to four PlexBright 4 Channel Optogenetic Controllers simultaneously operated by a single computer – yielding up to 16 channels of independent output.

PlexBright Starter Kits offer the initial products to get started and a 10% discount when purchased as a kit. Kits are available in four experimental designs and with either driver – the 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller with Radiant Software (fully functional kit) or our other device, the LD-1 Single Channel LED Driver (economical kit). Starter Kit details are available on the PlexBright Quote Request Forms.

PlexBright Quote Request Forms (also specific to the experimental set-up) include the Starter Kit itemization and individual parts for selection. The forms are available on the Resources tab, or on the Documentation page under the PlexBright header.

In addition to the PlexBright 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller, the PlexBright System also offers the PlexBright LD-1 Single Channel LED Driver; a full range of super intensity PlexBright LED Modules; several PlexBright compatible commutator options; high performance PlexBright Optical Patch Cables with a choice of stimulation tips; specially designed PlexBright Fiber Stub Implants; the PlexBright Light Measurement Kit; and the PlexBright Optical Fiber Cleaning Kit to safely maintain and extend the life of the fiber tips. If your experiments include freely behaving animals, you may also be interested in learning more about the CinePlex® and CineLAB® Behavioral Research Systems.

For more information on any part of the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System, please contact a Plexon Sales Engineer.