PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System

The PlexBright® Optogenetic Stimulation System provides an innovative, economical, turnkey approach to effectively perform acute, chronic or in vitro optogenetic stimulation. The PlexBright System is Plexon's fastest growing product line offering exceptionally high intensity LED Modules with the highest performance Optical Patch Cables in the industry.

Optogenetic techniques provide a long sought-after level of control over neural tissue – the ability to activate or silence specific brain regions or cell types with extreme precision.  However, it is only within the past decade that neuroscience has significantly harnessed optogenetic approaches to advance its frontiers. In 2004, Ed Boyden and Karl Deisseroth at Stanford University collaborated with George Nagel and others to perform the work considered to be the genesis of the field now known as optogenetics.

Laser-based light sources were the first to make inroads in in vivo optogenetic experimentation, due to their capability of delivering high levels of light into neural tissue via an optical fiber.  Drawbacks of laser systems included their high cost, complexity, controllability of light output, and their large footprint in a lab environment.

In more recent years, attention has turned to exploring LED-based systems to deliver light for optogenetic research.  Relative to lasers, LEDs offer stable light output, outstanding temporal precision, and may be manufactured at a lower cost.  The historically low-power output has been the Achilles heel of LEDs for neuroresearch – until now.

In a targeted effort to assist our customers advance into the realm of optogenetic research at an attractive quality level and a more reasonable price point, Plexon is pleased to announce that we have successfully advanced LED-based power output to meet – and often exceed – neuroresearch requirements.

Introducing the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System which provides an innovative, economical, turnkey approach to effectively perform acute, chronic or in vitro optogenetic stimulation.  We invite you to learn more about the components that make up the PlexBright System:

  • PlexBright 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller with Radiant™: Sophisticated, pattern generating optogenetic driver controlled via the Radiant software GUI, capable of driving either LED or laser output.
  • PlexBright LD-1 Single Channel LED Driver: Economical, stand-alone signal driver capable of precisely modulating light intensity to support unilateral or bilateral stimulation.
  • NEW HELIOS Wireless Optogenetics System: Plexon's newest innovation in optogenetic technology which provides a wireless, lightweight, and reusable solution for high power pulsed optogenetic stimulation in freely moving small animals.
  • PlexBright LED Modules: A full spectrum of wavelengths offering output-stable, precisely-controllable light with industry leading intensities for effectively targeting a range of opsins, and available in two styles: the standard Table-top or Compact modules designed for use with our PlexBright Commutators.  **Check our our NEW Near-infrared and Ultraviolet LED Modules**
  • PlexBright Dual LED Commutator: Light-weight commutator that supports up to two, uniquely engineered, compact, high-intensity LED modules that may easily be interchanged in seconds.  Best for use when optogenetics stimulation introduces the only tethered cables into the experiment.
  • PlexBright Dual LED + 16 Channel Commutator: All of the benefits of the PlexBright Dual LED Commutator with the unique ability to simultaneously support up to 16 channels of neural recording from analog headstages in a single, integrated device.
  • NEW Carousel Commutator All of the benefits of the PlexBright Dual LED Commutator with the unique ability to simultaneously support neural recording from up to two digital headstages.
  • PlexBright Optical Patch Cables: High performance PlexBright Optical Patch Cables are available with a Bare Fiber tip ideal for acute or in vitro experiments, an LC Ferrule tip designed for chronic experiments with small animals, or an FC Ferrule tip offering additional strength in chronic experiments for use with stronger animals. They are available in various lengths and with optional flexible stainless steel jacketing for reinforcement.
  • PlexBright Fiber Stub Implants: High performance, implantable optical fibers designed for chronic in vivo stimulation that are available in two fiber diameters, two ferrule sizes, and multiple lengths for targeting various regions of the brain.
  • PlexBright Light Measurement Kit: Custom package to ensure accurate output measurements of the custom drawn, high performance PlexBright optical fiber throughout the light path (unlikely to be accurately read without this kit and the contained adaptors).
  • PlexBright Optical Fiber Cleaning Kit: Minimizes potential damage unintentionally inflicted by handling, while extending the life of the fiber connections and tips.

PlexBright Starter Kits offer the initial products to get started and a 10% discount when purchased as a kit. Kits are available in four experimental designs and with either driver (the economical kit with the LD-1 Single Channel LED Driver or the fully functional kit with the 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller with Radiant Software). Starter Kit details are available on the PlexBright Quote Request Forms.

PlexBright Quote Request Forms (also specific to the experimental set-up) include the Starter Kit itemization and individual parts for selection. The forms are available on the Resources tab, as well as on the Documentation page under the PlexBright header.

The PlexBright System is the epicenter of Plexon’s youngest solution – Plexon's Optogenetic Stimulation Solution – where the components may either be operated as a stand-alone stimulation system, or enhanced by combining elements of Plexon's Advanced In Vivo Neurophysiology Solution. If your experiments include freely behaving animals, you may also be interested in learning more about the CinePlex® and CineLAB® Behavioral Research Systems.

A Plexon Sales Engineer will be happy to talk with you regarding more information on any part of the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System.