Plexon Electrodes, Probes and Arrays

Plexon offers a suite of customizable specialty electrodes, probes and arrays for various research needs. Some of our most popular and innovative solutions are listed below. If you do not see what you need, contact your Plexon Sales Engineer about it. We simply may not have featured it here.


The U-Probe tip is the original tip design for Plexon probes. The U-Probe tip is stronger than a V-Probe tip, however, the spacing from tip to first site is larger compared to a V-Probe. The shape of a U-Probe tip is similar to a hypodermic needle.


The S-Probe tip is the newest tip design for Plexon probes. It is also the strongest. The entire tip is solid stainless steel and shaped similar to a sharpened pencil. It is not recommended to use any Plexon probe to puncture dura, however, those customers who must use the probe to puncture dura may have the best success using the S-Probe tip.



The V-Probe tip is most useful for recording from deep structures. The tip to first electrode site spacing is the shortest with a V-Probe tip. This tip should cause the minimum amount of tissue trauma during implantation.

Thumbtack Probe

A chronic, linear probe designed to span cortical layers running parallel to the surface of the brain, effective for both field potential and single unit recordings.

Floating Microelectrode Array (FMA)

A unique array especially designed for chronic applications that empowers simultaneous recording from different depths of cortical layers and sub-cortical regions.

Microwire Arrays (MWA)

A popular array for both its recording reliability and cost efficiency.