Plexon Systems

At the epicenter of Plexon’s Solutions for neuroscience exists a powerful data acquisition, behavioral research or stimulation system - OmniPlex® D, CineLAB® , PlexBright® or PlexStim™. If interested in learning about Plexon’s primary systems, begin here.

OmniPlex D® Neural Data Acquisition System

Plexon’s flagship neural data acquisition system for program selectable amplification, filtering and spike sorting available in 16 to 512 channel configurations, depending on choice of either DigiAmp™ for use with analog headstages or our newest Digital Headstage Processor (DHP) subsystem utilizing digital headstages.

**OmniPlex Release 16.1 (Version now available. Learn More about OmniPlex Release 16**

CineLAB® Behavioral Tracking and Analysis System


The industry’s most advanced approach to digital video recording, position tracking and behavioral analysis for freely moving and behaving animal experiments.

**CineLAB v4.1 is now available and offers enhanced statistical comparisons, more options for quickly analyzing the same data with multiple settings, and flexible modifications of arena settings on a per-session basis! Click here to learn more about these new features.**

CinePlex® Behavioral Research Systems

Plexon’s CinePlex System is the only behavioral research system that was specifically designed for use with high resolution neural recording. It is a sophisticated, digital video recording, tracking and analysis solution for electrophysiology labs.

**CinePlex Studio v3.6 now offers jitter elimination and more!**

PlexBright® Optogenetic Stimulation System

Plexon’s innovative, economical and turnkey approach to performing acute or chronic optogenetic stimulation.This is a turnkey approach offering high intensity LED equipment for in vivo and in vitro stimulation.

PlexStim™ Electrical Stimulator System

Plexon's electrically isolated, individually programmable, 16 channel, constant current stimulator system is compatible with Plexon's OmniPlex data acquisition systems and/or the CinePlex® Behavioral Research System.

**PlexStim Software 2.3 supporting up to 64 channels now available.**

Multichannel Acquisition Processor (MAP) Data Acquisition System

Plexon’s pioneering neural data acquisition system. Although new MAP systems are no longer sold, upgrades are still possible and support continues.